Airport etiquette recommendations

Flying to any destination is not always fun unless you are a first-class ticket holder. Sometimes you will feel like at the airport all manners go to die. It ranges from other travelers pushing you aside, fallouts from frequent delays to grumpy security officers. With that in mind, the following airport etiquette tips will help make any trip better for everyone.


Honor the queue

You might be a big deal who feels their time is more valuable than all the others. You want to but the line when all the rest are patiently queuing. This only pisses off everyone and gets you nowhere. The plane won’t leave until everyone on the queue has boarded! If you cannot handle the queues, then pay up the first-class ticket so that you can use the express check-in service. If not, do not push everyone aside because you don’t want to line up like the rest. Remember, whether you board first or last, all will land at the same time.


Turn off your phone for the best Airport Etiquette

If you must make a call while sitting close to other travelers, do them a favor and speak quietly. It is better to find a secluded spot for your conversation. You do not have to annoy everyone around you. After boarding, make sure you have switched off your phone or put it on airplane mode. This is a requirement for airlines. In addition, it is very annoying for other travelers to be hearing someone’s alarm beeping incessantly.


Watch out for your kids

Are you a parent traveling with kids maybe for some vacation? The plane is not a place to start the break especially if the kids are sitting next to you. Children may be uncontrollable sometimes. We all know that. However, try to calm them down even if it is pretending. This will avoid irritating other travelers. no one paid for a flight only to be poked and be kicked by a baby for hours.


people unpacking in the aisle is bad Airport etiquette

Don’t unpack in the aisle

The boarding process is usually the opportunity for some people to misbehave. Do not hold up the long queue behind you once you get to your seat. Step into your row immediately to organize your stuff and settle. This is a good airport etiquette that your kids should be aware of as well.

Don’t clog the aisle organizing yourself while other people are struggling to get past you. Similarly, after landing, make a quick exit by getting everything ready. If not so, sit tight and wait for everyone to get off before you take your time packing in the aisle.