4 sins to avoid when traveling

Traveling is a very good teacher. It comes packed with both good, bad and ugly. Frequent travelers often fall victim to some of the travel sins to avoid. For those who are yet to travel that much, this article will help you in avoiding those sins that come with traveling.

Envy is one of many sins to avoid

Human beings have the nature of wanting to become better than other people. It might, however, make you miserable when you start competing with other travelers on your trip. When you start to compare their journey with yours might ruin your trip.  You will meet travelers that have been to many places than you. You will meet tourists that have had perfect experiences in different places. They have visited wonderful islands and had the best times than what you have ever had.

angry face artwork depicting envy and sins to avoid

These things will always occur.  You will hear about all the wonderful places your fellow travelers have been to. Don’t get envious. Instead, pick some knowledge from them through the conversations. The knowledge will be instrumental for your future trips. It will include the best restaurants, airlines, beaches and the best ways of getting there.

The latest form of envy that I had was when I met a young man that was around twenty two years old. He had started a towing company, Auto Towing. His company, in a short four years, is already one of the biggest in his city of San Francisco. It made me very envious that that such a young man was so successfull. I thought about it though, and realized it was because he took action. My envy came from a dark place, and I got over it. But I digress.


After traveling many times, many people become proud. Remember however that there is no one who likes a traveler full of arrogance. Proud travelers carry with them lots of prejudices and stereotypes about a certain country. Traveling with a closed mind is a recipe for a ruined trip. Going to a country with that closed mind will only allow you to see the bad things you have carried in your head. Be humble and respect the people you meet. Open your mind and enjoy great experiences.


When traveling, you will encounter certain types of lust. Although it isn’t bad some of the times, there are situations you should avoid it. Lust can lead you to unleash your frustrations on somebody who is not deserving it. As already mentioned, lust is not always negative. When used well, it can lead you to amazing experiences as a traveler. But when it gets the better of you, it can be detrimental.

Greed is one of the other sins to avoid

There are various people who want to travel so that they can talk about it. they always rush to do anything. However, remember that your life is not a story. Also, you are not fighting to prove that anything is possible. What it means is that not everything can be experienced with a flash. Rushing through everything with the intention of having more, makes you miss out on other amazing ones.

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